Universities upping efforts to get students into work

Opening the doors to greater opportunity, Staffordshire University is investing in business partnerships to connect students with employers.

The academic landscape has transformed in recent years and universities are now competing to attract both students and business partnerships.

More higher educational institutions are adapting courses to fit the needs of employers and the business community and to strengthen their place at the heart of local, regional and national economies.

Staffordshire University is a good example of a university focused on flexible education that truly meets the needs of today’s students and employers. The university has focused on apprenticeships that mean students can get trained, paid, and ultimately qualified without leaving in debt, which is a major limiting factor to many students and their families keen to pursue further education.

University really is a gateway to a wider world
But broadening access goes beyond simply adapting the courses on offer. Ieuan Ellis, pro-vice chancellor (partnerships & region) at Staffordshire University says, “We believe that university really is a gateway to a wider world, which is why we’re broadening our horizons through links with partners – both in the UK and abroad.”

Sarah Tudor, director of employer partnerships, explains that the digital world has given the university a further reach that students and employers are also keen to take advantage of. “We embrace technology such as online learning and e-courses so that students can feel connected to the university – and with partners such as BT, Siemens Bentley, Perkins Engines, Ricoh, Virgin Media and Merlin Entertainment, our graduates really do have massive opportunities,” she says.