The Telegraph

The Telegraph reaches more Managers, Directors, and Senior Officials than other quality daily news brands, 560,000 consumers are Manager and above.

Business Audience:

  • Telegraph consumers are 25% more likely to be responsible for 100+ people in the work place
  • 1.2 million consumers work in a SME
  • They are 41% more likely to be C-Suite
  • Telegraph consumers are 22% more likely to beinvolved in purchasing decisions
  • They are 43% more likely to be responsible for budgets
    worth £100k+
  • Telegraph consumers are 49% more likely to agree newspapers are a source of businessinformation

The Telegraph has…

More C-Suite executives than any other Quality (696k)

More Finance and Banking employees than anf other quality (276k)

More readers interested in Personal Finance and Investment content than any other Quality (6.7m)

Source: TGI Premier 2016/NRS PADD Sept 2016