The tech company that՚s simplifying remote communications

With a client roster that includes today’s biggest tech giants, this video conferencing company has learned there’s more to business than its supply of equipment; it’s also about personalised customer service.

While people say that modern communication has shrunk the world, the fact remains that many video calls often serve to reinforce the distance between participants, lacking the richness of human interaction needed to close a deal, plan a strategy or nail an interview.

Digitavia specialises in video conference and meeting room solutions. Daryl Clarke, Digitavia’s managing director, says the company hopes to provide better calls for everyone.

“Too often, people let the technology get in the way of communications,” he says. “Good and reliable solutions don’t need to be expensive or complex; we aim to make the technology serve the customer.”

We have nearly 100 percent customer retention because we put the client’s needs first.

The company has worked with clients from Candy Crush to Deliveroo and Google, enabling their communications around the world. “It’s established that a good conference system will quickly pay for itself,” says Clarke, “but too many clients are sold solutions that aren’t right for them and are often over-complex. We have nearly 100 percent customer retention because we put the client’s needs first, rather than selling them the latest bit of kit.”

The Digitavia team has decades of experience between them, and while embracing cutting-edge technology is in the business’s DNA, says Clarke, “sometimes, all that’s really necessary is to listen to the client and design a system that works!

“Our job isn’t just to install the best equipment on the market – which we can,” he says, “but to see the problem and fix it.”