The small business looking to make a big impact on our diets

Conflicting advice can make deciding what to put in our shopping trolleys a difficult decision but one seafood company is looking to change that

Salmon and prawns account for nearly half of the UK’s £3.1billion retail fish market. But customers could be forgiven for feeling confused about what they should be eating – are stocks sustainable? Is fish farming harmful? And can the oceans feed an ever-growing human population?

William Rash, from Big Prawn, says that getting people to eat more fish and shellfish in a sustainable way requires giving them a solid reason to put faith in retailers and their supply chain.

“There is huge interest in where we are sourcing from and the industry needs to communicate that,” he says.

Food is one of the areas that affects us all, and we are regularly bombarded with media coverage of what we should and shouldn’t be eating to stay healthy. The health of the oceans is going to play a major part in the human story over the coming decades as we continue to rely on fish as a source of protein, and consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions not only on their own health, but the planet’s.

And it’s on openly discussing these issues that Rash hopes to differentiate Big Prawn.

“We try to put the story of our sourcing on the back of our pack,” he says, “not just a ‘sustainable sourcing’ label.”