Why bringing the cars inside makes perfect sense

One creative agency is making waves in the industry with its market-first link up with its clients

If it doesn’t already exist, sometimes you have to build it. That’s the thinking behind Spark44, a joint venture between Jaguar Land Rover and Spark44 management to deliver better marketing campaigns by creating an agency that works with just one client.

Although some might call it a marketing company, Spark44 would call itself “demand creation partners”.

Creating demand across all the sectors and regions that JLR operates is a huge task, so Spark44’s small client list doesn’t mean the agency is idle. Thanks to the unique partnership between the two companies, it is able to offer a highly bespoke service that is tailored precisely to JLR’s needs across markets and territories.

The results are highly specialised and targeted campaigns, and as most of the sales work is done before the customer sets foot in a car showroom, Spark44 represents the driving force of many customers’ intent to buy.