UK business coaches exporting expertise

As businesses struggle to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing economy, the art of business coaching and its benefits to business are coming to the fore

Some of the biggest issues currently affecting businesses centre around areas of significant change – whether this is surviving a change in the marketplace, a technological revolution, sudden growth, a re-energised and hostile competitor or a change of personnel.

This is why business coaching is gaining traction as more and more business owners are seeing the benefit of having an objective outsider’s opinion on how they run their enterprises.

This works by keeping an eye on the benefits the customer wants, without getting lost in the features they might not understand.

Working across 26 countries, the Shirlaws coaches have an international reach and the ability to position their offering according to the market in which they are operating.

Based on evidence and underpinned with a strong track record of getting results, their business advice is delivered by teams of coaches, each with their own specialised area.