What does the future hold for the British toy industry?

As the toys and games industry continues to change at an exponential rate, one company is adapting its breadth and range to meet the needs of a new technologically-savvy consumer

People have always played, whether with games or toys, but how we play – and what we play – is radically changing.

One of the major reasons for this is the increase in audience engagement with the media, which plays an important role in reaching parents and children to advertise new products.

Sambro creates branded product ranges from toys to arts and crafts, stationery, bags and luggage.

Many of these products are supported across the media through blockbuster films, television and computer games and some of their best known brands include Star Wars, Sesame Street and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Toy manufacturers such as Sambro are having to incorporate new technology to reflect the growth in smartphones and tablet computers being used by young people, while supporting the growth of board games and toys that can be used in play with others. So while it’s all fun and games, it’s hard work too.