Meet the data-driven business that bridges a digital gap

As customers become increasingly savvy and technological advances continue apace, one specialised small business is making great gains.

Innovation is key to staying ahead in the fast-moving digital world. However, the larger the company, the harder it becomes to achieve innovation. Putting small businesses in a strong position when it comes to partnering with big businesses to deliver big change.

“Appsbroker is one such company, specialising in building transformational applications and data solutions on the Google Cloud platform; and boasting a client list that includes Santander, PwC, Ocado, Jaguar Land Rover, Morrisons and Travis Perkins.”

Appsbroker was founded to fill a gap in the market left by traditional system integrators that sold software, hardware and professional services separately, leaving clients to manage the risk of owning and running their applications.

Appsbroker made early gains by working with Google to massively simplify the way in which organisations procured business applications and managed their risk. Appsbroker has now moved several hundred thousand users – in some of the world’s largest companies – to the Google Cloud.

Mike Conner, the company’s founder and CEO says that the consumerisation of IT has changed client expectations: “In the era of big data, digital disintermediation of traditional value chains and machine learning, very few businesses will exist in their current form in 2030. Customers want more for less. Our clients expect applications to be delivered silently, contextually, intuitively and on-demand.”

“We are passionate about helping our customers to embrace a tomorrow where technology is no longer a barrier to innovation, and where businesses can focus on what’s most critical to their success.”

Appsbroker’s 10-year partnership with Google combines the agility of a start-up with the might of a global technology powerhouse. “We think of it much like the relationship between a builders’ merchant and a builder,” says Mr Conner. “Google are providing very high-quality technology and we are building solutions to help our clients compete better in a fast-moving digital world.”