Meet the business delivering customer communications that drive engagement

Opus Trust Communications is helping to support its clients’ digital transformation journeys by streamlining communications.

The rapid advance in technology over the past decade has put the world at our fingertips. Information can be sought at a moment’s notice and consumers now have an expectation that they can engage with businesses in the same way.

Communication between corporations and their customers or stakeholders has always been key, but it is now accelerating and placing an increased demand on an array of industries to provide multi-channel information delivery – something a lot of businesses don’t have the time or the resources to do.

“We’re a multi-channel communications company, supporting our clients through their digital transformation journeys.”

Opus Trust Communications is there to fill the gap. Founded more than 30 years ago, Opus Trust has a vision of being the UK’s trusted partner of choice for multi-channel customer communication services, and has been committed to diligent and innovative solutions to document creation and information distribution ever since.

“Ensuring that information reaches the intended recipient at the right time and is accurate, clear and easy to understand can be a real headache for organisations,” said Tony Strong, chief executive officer at Opus Trust.

In short, Opus generates communications for companies using data supplied by their clients – covering everything from payslips and P45s, utility bills and statements to official certificates and cheques.

Any inaccuracy or lateness of information, says Mr Strong, can cause numerous problems, such as increased traffic into call centres, delayed payments, interrupted cash flow and a negative impact on customer loyalty.

That’s why Opus Trust employs highly skilled technical teams to compose finished, professional and engaging documents. The company provides an invaluable service that takes the pain – and the risk – away from document production and distribution.

“We’re a multi-channel communications company, supporting our clients through their digital transformation journeys,” adds Richard Farmer, the company’s sales and marketing director. “That means we can generate documents physically or digitally, depending on the needs of the client and their customers.”

Where many communications are sent by email – such as payslips, bills and appointment letters – or text messaging, in order to streamline information flow and make it more sustainable, physical documents are still required in many areas, which is why Opus Trust offers a diversified service catering to an array of needs.

“With instant messaging and online portals becoming the norm, the shift away from paper-based communications will continue and perhaps even accelerate.”

A recent survey commissioned by Opus Trust vindicated this approach, as 51pc of respondents said they would switch to digital channels for all communications from utilities companies. Conversely, only 30pc said they would do the same for certificates and official documentation, such as that from financial institutions.

“Our clients span industry sectors including banking, insurance, debt recovery, public sector, telecoms and more. That’s why we offer a multi-channel service of communications. The amount of sensitive data we handle is huge, and that means we need to have robust, secure systems,” says Stephen Beaven, head of IT at Opus Trust.

Many clients, Mr Beaven continues, are subject to regulation within their sectors, so Opus Trust supports them with compliance through secure data handling, adherence to SLAs and clear audit trails, as demanded by regulators including Ofwat, Ofgem, Ofcom and the FCA.

Since the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, data security has become an even bigger priority for businesses. Data breaches can now be extremely damaging for organisations and, of course, for the individuals affected.

Opus Trust, with more than 30 years of expertise in document creation and information handling, provides the reassurance that companies need that their data is handled securely, from transmission to production.

With short and high-volume production cycles, Opus Trust produces documents promptly and at competitive rates, saving their clients time and money.

As the boundaries between work and home continue to disappear, with instant messaging and online portals becoming the norm, the shift away from paper-based communications will continue and perhaps even accelerate. But, as Mr Strong points out, choice is crucial in maintaining customer relations and providing the full range of important documents businesses still need to produce.

“The key for organisations like ours, as we look to the future, is to maintain investment in technology to enable continued growth and support the changing needs of our clients and their customer bases – today, tomorrow and beyond.”

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