How one communications company is cutting through the modern marketing mire

In an increasingly technological marketplace, new ways of communicating have never been more important, but one shouldn’t lose sight of traditional methods too…

It is harder than ever to communicate and engage with customers, employees and delegates using traditional means. We face such a smorgasbord of digital distractions clamouring for our attention that many messages simply get lost – bad news for advertisers and marketeers.

A new shape of creative communications company is required, and The Creative Engagement Group believes it has the answer.

The Creative Engagement Group is a multidisciplinary business offering a variety of integrated services including live experiences, film, communications, employee engagement, training, and interactive and immersive (virtual and augmented reality) content.

Russ Lidstone, CEO of the company, explains that “as an unusually shaped business, with services across a variety of disciplines, we have the ability to approach each brief with an open mind and come up with a solution that puts the audience first.

“Live experiences are a key part of our offer, from internal conferences through to B2C launches and training workshops. A key consideration is using immersive technology to complement live events – using VR and AR to enhance an experience,” he says.

The Creative Engagement Group has used virtual reality to give events delegates a greater understanding of how products work, in one instance by stepping inside the human body to see how a new drug functions, as well as applications including training programmes for engineering and technology.

Lidstone explains that brands and global organisations “face myriad challenges when engaging internal and external audiences, from tech-savvy, content-hungry, time-poor and sceptical audiences to remote workers and disparate groups with different learning and training needs.

“Our goal is to ‘create unforgettable’ for all our clients, whether that be through a conference exhibition stand, a piece of film or even AR,” he says, “but while people experience so much through technology, the value of face-to-face interaction continues to be invaluable.”

This focus on people runs throughout the company, says Lidstone, and is reflected in the organisation. “Our combined services make The Creative Engagement Group a stimulating work environment,” he says. “We pride ourselves on being a great place to work, where we cultivate personal growth, success and enjoyment.

“Alongside our distinct combination of services, our real point of difference is that we are a culture of thinkers, creators and ‘makers’ – our company has origins in production, creativity and user-centricity,” he adds. This gives us the ability to come at business and brand challenges from a completely different perspective to other communications companies.”