Sanitary solution seeks to ease aquatic pollution

Meet entrepreneur, Martha Silcott, who is on a one-woman-mission to ease the unnecessary awkwardness surrounding sanitary disposal with her eco-friendly solution

When tampons, pads and wipes are flushed down the toilet, they generate pollution in our water systems that cause harm both to wildlife and the environment. That’s if they don’t cause a blockage first.

While pads and tampons should always be binned and not flushed, the process can be awkward, and when bins are not available, or not inviting, women are left with the option of doing the “handbag smuggle” or flushing. This common frustrating problem prompted entrepreneur Martha Silcott to create FabLittleBag – a patented, biodegradable, opaque, bag for the disposal of all sanitary products. The bags achieve two goals: to help stop aquatic pollution and turn this awkward experience into a straightforward one.

“Based on customer feedback, it seems that we’ve tapped into something, providing a solution for an unmet, rarely discussed issue,” says Silcott. “We’ve been going for two years and as well as getting into retail with Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods, Amazon, and others, we also have the backing of some of Britain’s major water companies, who will all tell you that sanitary products in the sewers are a major problem, contributing to the cost of £88m per year to clean up the mess.”

In a Mumsnet survey conducted by the business, 97pc of women who were flushers of tampons, said they would be binners in the future after using FabLittleBag.

Silcott’s business partner Penny Maystone explains:

“If you ask around, most of us have stressed about disposal in some way at some point – more than half of us have done the ‘handbag smuggle’.

“Insanely, this is a taboo subject that is not discussed even between closest friends,” Silcott says. “Just having the conversation helps normalise this everyday occurrence, and importantly informs ‘flushers’ that binning is the right way forward. Talking is a great way to break down the period taboo and Fabbing is a great way to bin.”