Corporate Partnerships

The Great British Business Campaign distributed by the Telegraph Online, has been created to share best practice, innovation and learning insights to support UK Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to deliver future growth across all verticals. We are working with leading businesses to showcase the best in class of Corporate businesses to inspire and engage the Telegraph’s SME community.

With a large thrust of the UK’s economy being driven by SME’s, there is a lot that can be gained by working and partnering with larger enterprises to create an ecosystem of shared learning and collaboration. SME’s have increased by 2 million since 2000, employing more than 14.4 million people and a combined turnover of £1.6 billion, there is little doubt of the significance that SME’s provide to the economy and the desire to enable and deliver growth across this vertical.

The benefits for large businesses working with SME suppliers can be great, providing niche solutions which allow larger corporates to design and build infrastructure applications that offer innovative approaches to a product or service. This entrepreneurial expertise may provide an innovative local solution that complements a global provider.

SME’s also benefit from working with larger businesses, allowing them access to bigger contracts and opportunities to be supported by a larger entity with a greater depth of resources. The opportunities lie in developing new ways of developing SME partnerships with combined longer term strategies and goals to benefit both organisations.


There are many large businesses who are actively engaging with SME’s to deliver simplified business processes, including terms & conditions, better information and support of services to drive growth and long-term relationships.