The home outfitter with a long-term plan

Quality, comfort and price are consistently important factors when choosing new furniture but one home furnishing company is offering its customers, staff and stakeholders more.

Anglia Home Furnishings (AHF) aims not to be like other furniture sellers. With an emphasis on quality over price, the company is able to offer a 10-year warranty on its products, comparing favourably with some competitors who typically offer just one or two years.

But the major difference between AHF and many competitors is that it is a company owned by the employees, with members of the leadership team stepping down periodically and opting to be re-elected to the board.

Managing director Matt Hesketh says:

“It’s important for everyone working here to believe in the company. It’s a belief that goes from the product to the board. The staff members here really do have a lot of power when it comes to shaping the future of this business and as they are the ones facing the customers, it’s essential their voices are heard.”

It’s an approach that has seen the company through decades of growth and stability. Furniture represents a major purchase, so the decision to buy a new sofa may well compete with a car or holiday. And major decisions – such as an ambitious goal of ensuring that by the end of 2018, 70pc of products sold will be made in Britain – have full buy-in from across the company.

The result is a business that is responsive to the needs of its customers and one in which the staff on the front line really do hold the management to account.